Support Benefits in Detail

What does all the techno-jargon mean for you and your website? This chart should help!


Fully Managed Hosting X  X X You will never need to worry or do a thing – your hosting is fully managed by our team.
Global Data Center Redundancy X  X X Servers across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and in the Asia-Pacific region.
High Availability Uptime Protection X  X X Stay up and running with clustered configurations in dedicated environments, fully-managed content delivery network, and proactive, multi-layered security measures.
25,000 Visits/month X How many visits per month to your site. This is enough for most small companies.
100,000 Visits/month  X How many visits per month to your site. This is best for growing small to mid-sized companies.
400,000 Visits/month X How many visits per month to your site. This is for larger companies.
Fully Managed Global CDN X  X X Load content faster with our global content delivery network (CDN), which routes local requests to the nearest server.
PHP 7 and HTTP/2 Enabled X  X X Get better SEO, visitor retention, and conversions with the latest updates, which can serve up to 3x more requests per second.
Specifically Designed Caching X  X X Our caching solution is capable of processing hundreds of millions of hits per day.
Scalable Architecture X  X X Manage traffic spikes–from 10,000 to 100 million users – seamlessly.
WordPress Core Updates X  X X We handle all major updates automatically to ensure sites stay up to date.
Theme & Plugin Updates X  X X We keep all your theme and plug-in’s up to date to ensure optimal performance and security.
Inactive Plugin Removal X  X X We remove old and inactive plug-in’s to reduce compatibility issues and security vulnerabilities.
Maintenance & Bug Fixes X  X X We fix what needs to be and can be fixed.
Traffic Encryption with SSL X  X X We provide free SSL certificates for every page.
Threat Detection & Blocking X  X X We dynamically detect and block malicious behavior, reducing the chances of being hacked.
Malware Scanning  X X Scanning for Malware infections.
Malware Cleanups X Removal of any Malware infections.
Mobile & Tablet Optimization X  X X All websites are optimized for premium performance on smaller devices.
Image Optimization X  X X We optimize the size and quality of every image on your site to obtain peak load time while maintaining high visual impact.
CSS & JavaScript Minification X  X X A process of reducing the size of page code and compilation time, reducing page load times.
Browser Caching X  X X Fine tune Browser Caching for optimal page load time.
GZIP Compression X  X X Employ Object Caching to reduce redundant query executions where applicable.
Object Caching  X X GZIP compression saves at least 50% of your bandwidth usage.
Monitor & Fix Broken Links X Ensure links are all properly routing to the correct pages.
Daily Primary Facility Backups (in cloud) X  X X Your site is backed up every day to our cloud-based archival systems.
Website Recovery/Restoration X  X X In the case of a system failure, we recover and restore your website quickly and painlessly.
Monthly Secondary Facility Backup (off cloud)  X X Every month, a backup is also made to a secondary archival facility.
24/7 Uptime Monitoring X  X X We continuously monitor hundreds of variables and factors critical to the uptime and performance of your website.
Page Performance  X X Monthly review and analysis of Page Performance to ensure optimal configuration.
Content Performance X Gain content and author performance insights.
UNLIMITED Content Updates  X X Changes to normal content such as main images and text (doesn’t include major changes).
U.S. Based Support Team X  X X Know the assurance provided by our U.S. based Support Staff.
Support Access Online & through Email X  X X You have access to rapid-response Support through email and our online Support Desk.
30 Minute Monthly Consultation X Billed monthly with your Support Plan. Time does not accrue, must be used within the billing month.
Monthly Reporting  X X You will receive monthly reports keeping you up to date on the overall health and performance of your websites.
Online Client Portal  X X You will have your own online Client Portal to access reports, Knowledgebase, and the Support Desk.


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