HEDK Architects

The partners at HEDK came to us wanting a site that would keep things simple and clean while showcasing their fantastic projects. They release projects throughout the year, which are some of the most high-quality multi-family and multi-use environments in the country. We built them a project template page that really helps showcase all the various types of work that they do, as well provide an amazing image gallery for each of those individual projects. This really reflects their “lookbook” that they were using in the sales process. Their website is the main place online where they represented, so we’ve put together clean and easy site navigation that allow people to learn about the company.

A challenge we faced working with HEDK was they have a very opinionated group of partners, and so we were constrained by the types of design elements that we could and could not use. Additionally, they have an enormous volume of work which we had to organize in a way that’s easy to navigate without complicating the design.


“Fusestarter has been TERRIFIC to work with. They are very knowledgeable and have been able to make the process simple. I have been thrilled with the service they have provided.”

J. Daily, HEDK Architects, Partner