Documenting Hope

More than half of American children have at least one Diagnosed Chronic Health Condition. One of the greatest paradoxes of our times is that the most affluent, resourced and medically advanced societies in the world also have the highest rates of chronic childhood illness. Obesity and diabetes, autism and neurodevelopmental delays, digestive and allergic diseases were rarely found just a generation ago. Today these illnesses are impacting our children in epidemic numbers.

The Documenting Hope Project is the cornerstone research program of Epidemic Answers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and reversal of chronic health and developmental conditions in children. The project features an innovative and groundbreaking research program coupled with education, outreach, and media initiatives.

Documenting Hope’s existing website was outdated and lacked desired functionality. It failed to convey the professionalism and medical acumen of the studies they are doing, and make it easy for parents and donors to engage.

FuseStarter worked to update the design, simplify the user experience, and provide a clean, professional look and feel, and replace older technologies in the website.

FuseStarter’s i5 Principle and SPARK Process allowed us to develop a site that met EA’s requirements.


“ was the second website I had built by fuseStarter and they did not disappoint. Our website was an old custom WordPress site that needed a design and functionality refresh. fuseStarter jumped in and rebuilt the site to the specs of a design provided by our web designer but also helped us tweak the design to optimize the user experience as we worked through the development process. I love working with the fuseStarter team as they are responsive, collegial and collaborative, and great at troubleshooting and thinking outside of the box. I continue to rely on their support and expertise for all my digital marketing needs.”

Beth Lambert, Executive Director