Epidemic Answers

Epidemic Answers is a not-for-profit offering a starting point for parents looking to understand why their children are chronically ill and what can be done to recover them. They also provide access to Health Coaches and Practitioners, ensuring proper training for a network of trusted professionals.

Epidemic Answers required a modern and professional website to serve as a focal point in their interactions with clients, make them more competitive, and provide an anchor for future marketing efforts. The updated design gave clients confidence when accessing the wealth of knowledge on the website and inspire confidence in donating to the cause. Their LMS was rebuilt from the ground up and now allows for professionals and families to learn from the incredible team at Epidemic Answers.  These initiatives will allow Epidemic Answers to attract new clients, better serve their existing clients, and make it easy for visitors to benefit from Epidemic Answer’s offerings.

FuseStarter’s i5 Principle and SPARK Process allowed us to develop a site that met EA’s requirements.


“We contacted fuseStarter to help us unravel and rebuild what we called a “Frankenstein” site for our nonprofit organization. It was a mess of piecemeal and patch work code that had been put together by a variety of developers over the years. We also had an extremely tight timeline with which we needed our brand new site launched. FuseStarter knew it was an ambitious project but they never blinked. They completely stepped up to the challenge and relaunched a brand new website for us in record time.

Our new site is beautiful and for the first time (in 8 years!) we feel like we are in competent, capable, responsible hands for our website development and maintenance needs.

I have never met such a reliable, trustworthy and truly dedicated development team. They are honest, great at communicating and also fun to work with. I highly, highly recommend fuseStarter. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Beth Lambert, Executive Director