Family Brand

As entrepreneurs, we invest so much time and money into our brand creation, strategy, and culture. Is your family brand getting the same attention- or is it just an afterthought?

The owners of Family Brand have come to know that at the end of our lives the most important brand we will be leaving is our family brand, and the most important people that we want to develop are our own people, and yet we never really put much thought into it!

The Family Brand Program will give you the framework and strategy to create intention in your family life like never before.

Family Brand needed areas of their existing site refreshed including an updated Home page, Program Sales Page, New Quiz Funnel Lead Generation Page, and Podcast page. The fuseStarter team also developed an Active Campaign automation sequence and other Digital Marketing tactics. The team at Family Brand had an amazing website and brand as our starting place. The fuseStarter team worked with Melissa Smith at Family Brand to improve areas, as needed.


“I loved working with Fusestarter! They were able to help me improve my website, and ongoing I love how they help me optimize my traffic and make sure my website is converting to actual clients!”