Megasys is an industry leader in the hospitality management software industry. Their feature-rich and complete HMS, Portfolio, can be found in Hotels, Conference & Retreat Centers, State Parks, and Campgrounds across the United States.

Megasys engaged FuseStarter to develop the website from scratch. They needed a design that would be attractive to their wide range of visitors. The site needed to quickly and succinctly describe the services and the benefits, both for the employers and the employees.


“We were using internal staff for the development of our website. However, it was not progressing like it should and reached out to FuseStarter.

The FuseStarter team provided a fantastic on boarding experience and worked with us to develop a website that really depicted our company and products.

The team was able to have our new site launched within a few weeks based on our timeframe. The team more that exceeded our expectations and love their quick responses now that we are in support mode. “

Melodee Haight, Director of Operations
Megasys Hospitality Solutions