Men’s Best Primary Care

Men’s Best Primary Care is a one-stop-shop for men’s healthcare. Committed to helping men be their best, the primary care facilities provide convenient, customized care in a relaxed environment with no wait times. All locations are equipped to handle common medical needs like physicals and the flu, in addition to preventative care for high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

Men’s Best had an extremely tight deadline to get a new site into production, due to the grand opening of new clinic locations and a scheduled advertising spend. We worked in constant close communication with the Men’s Best team and their social media and advertising agency, to produce a website that highlighted their professionalism, breadth of services, and unique environment, all while providing an intuitive user experience. And yes, the project launched on time!

(NOTE: Unfortunately, Men’s Best is no longer in business due to COVID-19. If you would like to see the site in total, please contact us.)


“Fusestarter was recommended to us by our Social Media partner. They took the time to answer all of our questions and made sure we got a site that we could be proud of. They were receptive to changes, and offered valuable suggestions that really delivered a solid, quality product. They did a great job with attention to details, as their focus on optimizing the site for SEO, as well as the customer experience was a huge priority. I have found a valuable partner that I will continue to use with my company for years to come.”

Cory Dugas, Senior Vice President, Marketing