The PX Docs

The PX Docs are an incredible network of caring, compassionate, and committed Pediatric Chiropractors. Their purpose is to restore hope, provide answers, and help get results for families seeking a natural drug-free approach to optimal health and well-being. If your child is struggling through the Perfect Storm, they have answers. If you are looking to promote health and wellness for your family, they can help. The PX Docs are an empowering and impactful resource for your entire family.

The PX Docs is a new venture and required a new website from scratch. 

FuseStarter worked to create the design, the user experience, and provide a clean, professional look and feel. A major feature of the site includes a feature rich Directory System enabling struggling families to connect with the closest PX Doc to help them solve their children’s health issues.

FuseStarter’s i5 Principle and SPARK Process allowed us to develop a site that met PX Docs requirements.


“The greatest thing about working with FuseStarter was not just the first class finished product, but the ease of getting there. They kept things so organized and structured during the process, that it easily fit into our team’s busy schedule and didn’t get log jammed and stressful like most big projects do. I honestly was floored by this part and it allowed us to go fast and operate with speed (my favorite thing) without sacrificing excellence, quality, and attention to detail.

Not sure how they pulled that off because that is very rare to experience during big important projects like a new website build, but man am I grateful for it and looking forward to the ongoing working relationship with not only our PX Docs site, but now having them get after it again with our brick and mortar practice’s website later this summer!

If you enjoy first class work with insane levels of organization and efficiency, go with FuseStarter!”

Dr. Tony Ebel, President, The PX Docs