The Wedge of Health Freedom

The Wedge of Health FreedomĀ®, is an online network of cash-based practices and facilities, that gives doctors and other health care professionals the freedom to make medical decisions in the best interests of the patient and no one else.

Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom contacted fuseStarter to help them re-develop a directory website with a streamlined UI and UX. The existing site was not maintained and difficult to manage. We built a powerful website that was setup with proven technologies to fill their needs!


“fuseStarter built a new website for our nonprofit organization and redesigned a website we had for direct-pay healthcare providers. Both projects were on time and accurate to the proposed budget. fuseStarter was a terrific partner and project leader. They had just the right amount of patience and flexibility while knowing when to take the reins and steer us back into the correct lane whenever we started going off-scope. I felt valued during the process and confident that we were in good hands all the way through. We are very happy with the end result for our website! It looks fabulous and the function is user-friendly. I’ve used their support to help post or move items and that’s extremely easy and very punctual. My entire team 100% recommends fuseStarter for any website needs!”

Director of Operations