We have a few taglines here at fuseStarter. We love taglines, so it was pretty difficult weeding through the whiteboard-full of ideas we had (and still continue to have) and whittle it down to a select few. To be honest, about half of what was on the whiteboard were just in jest and would have been off-putting to someone out there given today’s environment of hyper over-sensitivity to being offended (just saying that probably offended someone!), but such is the way of the creative mind (we all need to stop taking ourselves so seriously, right?)!

fuseStarter is a digital marketing agency. Our philosophy about marketing is pretty simple. We like to define things succinctly and factor things down to their most basic form. Although you will find myriad definitions of marketing out their, it is really about one thing – desires. This is how we look at marketing – it is the science of addressing desires. Desire is the driving force of the will. The will is the force of making choices. So you really have to address the root of it, the desires.

Every person makes thousands of choices per day, “willing” one thing over another. But while the “will” may be the effective agent of choice, the real source is desire. Why do you choose chocolate over vanilla ice cream? Because at that moment, you desire chocolate more, at least today. The interesting thing (and the challenge for marketers) is that tomorrow the same person make choose vanilla! Why, again, it is desire.

I’ll leave this discussion more for another time (post), since this post is about our taglines…

A Spark Is All You Need

This is our main tag. It goes along with, complements, and adds depth to our company name – fuseStarter. It’s what we believe about our customers and their businesses. You as the customer, know through experience more than you sometimes realize. You possess more insight, power, ability, vision, and potential than you acknowledge or see. Our job is to help you by finding areas to give you that “spark” that lights a fuse that will ignite an idea, vision, or passion and expand into a reality for you. It’s really that simple!

Cleaning Up the Web One Site at a Time

This tag is specific to our Website Products, and it a sweet-spot for us. It is pretty amazing to see after so many years since websites have become a “must” for every business, just how many horrendous websites still exist! A website is your first impression to the digital consumer, and many times even to consumers of brick-and-mortar businesses. Today, most people will not make a purchase without first doing some research online. On average, you only have 3 seconds to make an impression on a first-time visitor to your site, so you can’t afford to blow it!

People will bounce off of your site quickly for reasons that have nothing to do directly with your company, products & services, or the content (text) of your site. They will bounce from it due to slow load times, too many ads and pop-up’s, and design elements. It a site looks dated, the impression the consumer has is that the company is dated. It the site loads slow, the impression is that the company is technologically inept (and “they are wasting my precious time”!). Too many ads and pop-up’s are annoying and creates distrust, since these are annoying, distracting, and slow the load and make computers start to smoke (do you hear that CPU fan cranking up!).

Bottom line – we help you get your act together quickly and keep it together moving forward, with a beautiful, fast, contemporary site that enhances your brand, image, and impact, all at a very fair price.