The team at fuseStarter is always watching out for issues that may affect our clients. One such issue is Data Privacy Laws (stick with me, I know it’s a thrilling subject 😊 )

The reality is that Privacy Law is becoming tougher and the penalties real. The U.S., individual states, and the European Union (with the GDPR), have and continue to pass regulation in this regard.

What this means is that companies whose websites do not have the proper compliant PRIVACY POLICIES, TERMS OF SERVICE, DISCLAIMERS, and EULA’s are at risk of penalties and lawsuits.

For example, several privacy laws are now in place to protect the personal information of citizens with fines that can reach $2,500-$7,500 per website visitor!



fuseStarter has developed a solution to address this issue…

Instead of explaining it all here, we’ve made this page that explains it all – please take a few minutes and check it out >> LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF!

We are offering our existing clients a great deal on this solution!

Sad to say, this is a real issue you will need to deal with. Let us help! We look forward to speaking with you about this great solution!

As always, we value you as a customer and wish you the best during these trying times.



After you check out the page linked above, at least schedule a quick call with us to discuss the issue if you are still unsure. We need to make sure you understand the risks, and hope you will take advantage of this pain-free and super-affordable solution.