We have been involved in creating dozens of business websites in recent years and the number one comment that we hear in our discovery meetings is, “I want the website to be simple”. Other words used interchangably are clean, minimal or modern. The fuseStarter’s interpretation of a simple website is an easy to navigate, understand and maintain website that retains the functions needed for a great user experience. If you are ready to build a new website then consider each of these features are accounted for in your project.

Easy to Navigate

The first feature of a simple website is a simple navigation or sitemap. Our fastFuse websites include five pages almost every business needs in their site map. The average website session duration is two and a half minutes. You don’t have your visitors attention long enough to have them clicking through your navigation to find a page. Here is a good question to ask your team when you want to add additional pages to your website, “Can we add this content to an existing page or is it necessary that a new page is created?”.

Easy to Understand

Our second feature of a simple website is to make it easily understandable. The copy, images, layout and design of your next website should communicate your brand and business. Poluting your website with too much copy or selecting off branded graphics can create a bad impression for your customer. Use the following test to learn what visitors think your business does before you build your new modern website. Find a random volunteer who has not seen your website and ask them to view your current home page for 15 seconds and then explain your business back to you.

Easy to Maintain

This feature of your simple website is the key to ensuring long term success with your business presnence online. Your online presence should be living and active so as to not appear out-of-business to your visitors. Our fuseStarter support packages list extensively the necessary maintenance areas you need to account for with your website. The front-end (visible) of your website should have an active blog and accuractly reflect the services and products your business handles. When you keep your content fresh it will attract return visitors to your website and eventually convert them to customers. The back-end (administrative) of your website where updates, security and backups occur needs to be easily accessed and painless to interact with on a weekly basis. Our approach to keeping maintenance clean and simple is to use the best tools in webdevelopment today that can be trusted to not hinder continual maintenance.

Are you ready to build a simple website?

When you visit your favorite websites start to look for these features and take notes about what you like for your next website. When your website is simply beautiful and functions well you can focus on growing your business rather then fighting with your website. Are you ready to build a simple website? Schedule a free discovery call with the fuseStarter team today and let us help you with your next website project.