A professional business website is a must have for start-up to enterprise businesses today. Customers are going to their phones and computers to research the best products and services for their needs.  Your business’s online presence needs to be ready to inform, impress, intrigue, incite and ignite these customers to choose you over the competition.  WIX.com says that their “FREE” website builder will allow YOU to “create your own PROFESSIONAL website today”.  Here are three reasons you should ditch WIX and trust fuseStarter, the professionals, with your business website.

#1 – WIX is not the same as a “professionally” built website

A professional is a person devoted to and art or trade and makes a living by having extensive experience and knowledge in using a specific set of skills. It has been a long time since I have slid under my car to change my own oil. The days of the 10 minute “simple” oil changes are gone. Today, you need to unbolt and remove large skid plates, have specialty tools to loosen and tighten the oil filters, and knowledge of the car’s electrical systems to reset any pesky “change oil soon” lights. I take my cars to the local dealership for routine oil changes done by a trained professional that knows my vehicle better than I ever could. When is the last time you slid under the hood of a website and worked on the mechanics of connecting forms, pages, images, images, and text copy together to produce a smooth-running website that accomplishes specific purposes?

WIX tells us that using their drag-and-drop website builder will make constructing a website easy for you. The truth is that a four-year-old can drag-and-drop things on a WIX website, but that website will function and look like a four-year-old built it. Professional? Hardly!

#2 – WIX requires professional experience to produce “amazing results”

A professional gives you the freedom to give direction but not have to do the hard work. You most likely have one of the most powerful cameras in history in your pocket today. The iPhone cameras can produce incredible photos that are high-resolution, in-focus and vibrant with color. They do a lot of the technical work for you, much like WIX. You have experienced this amazing tool at work when you take a selfie on the beach or ask a stranger to snap a quick family photo on your last vacation. When you post these photos to Instagram or Facebook, the likes and comments flow in with “how great everyone looks” in the photo.

Now let me ask you a hypothetical question: would take your wedding photos from your phone if you were getting married today, or would you hire a professional wedding photographer? Wedding photographers are masters of their craft and have experience with making weddings look as if they were heavenly. Although they use pro-grade camera equipment, it is their ability to combine light, composition, subject matter, backgrounds, and their eye for beauty and balance, that produces photos that can hang on your wall proudly for decades to come.

WIX provides for you pro-grade templates to build a website and even supplies general stock photography that makes these templates look great out of the box. The truth is that as soon as you start to lay your photos, products, headlines, and text into that template is when the difference between an iPhone selfie and a professional wedding photographer comes to the forefront. Years of experience building business websites gives the fuseStarter team the ability to produce a business website that you can be proud to show to your clients.

#3 – WIX could cost you more than a professional

A professional charges for their services and products in proportion to the quality of the work rendered. High quality work is normally valued above average or sub-par work in the same market. It is a good rule of thumb to avoid signing up for services that are “cheap” or “free.” Nothing in life is truly free, and things that are cheap tend to require more of your time than expected. For example, I once was on a date in downtown Dallas when a gentleman approached my date and handed her a rose. He proceeded to declare that this rose is hers for free and asked her to smell the rose which she did. We were both impressed with this gentleman’s gesture of kindness. We did not take two steps past this man until he then approached me and said something that I will never forget. “Sir, this lady has received a free rose but it is free because you have bought it for her. Her rose is $20.” Then he held out his hand expecting payment. Most cheap or free things online have this same type of business model which is typically called “freemium”. You buy into the product enough to want to use their service, and then you learn you need to pay to get the features you need to complete your work.

Although WIX is not free, it does have several gotchas that are similar to this in their business model. Here is a direct quote from their pricing page, “WIX gives you 100’s of templates, unlimited pages & top grade hosting FREE. Upgrade to Premium and get even more.” WIX needs you to move up their pricing tiers and they will give you “premium” features as you do.  The fuseStarter team takes time to scope your work and includes in the cost of the website all of the features and requirements you desire for your next website. You can know the true cost before starting your project.

 Consider these cost before choosing WIX for your next business website!

  • WIX websites cannot be moved to another host, so your business website is held hostage on their platform. 
  • A business owner’s time is valuable, so consider the true cost if you take the time to build your own website on WIX:
    • Let’s assume your time is worth $100 (it’s probably much more)
    • It can take 70 hours to build a website
    • 70 x $100 = $7,000
    • Additionally, that’s potentially 70 hours you weren’t doing what you do best – working on your business – which means lost opportunity costs and lost revenue!
  • WIX websites aren’t supported by most marketing agencies so you will need to support your website full time.

Your Decision Is The Difference Between a Successful or Failed Business Website

Choosing a professional for some jobs is a MUST DO and that is because the result will increase profits, attract new customers, and give you back time that would have been lost trying to do what they know and do best. The mechanics, design, and execution of building a successful business website is possible on WIX but in most cases only if you are already a website professional. Stay in your lane and focus on your business while giving direction to the fuseStarter team on your next website project. Schedule your no-hassle discovery call with the fuseStarter team today!